Unnatural Selection

A short program of independent animation that I curated for Automata Arts in Los Angeles, CA on November 4th, 2017.

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Program Description

A look at contemporary independent animation from around the world. These films unveil unique nebulas full of strange laws and internal logic. They transport us out of the ordinary into something strange, but somehow familiar. Recent work in 2D animation, cut outs, and puppet animation will be shown from the U.S., Canada, Switzerland, Russia, Finland and more. A brand new digital transfer of Amy Lockhart’s 16mm film Walk for Walk will be a highlight. Also included are films by: Rafael Sommerhalder, Julian Gallese, Anna Budanova, Elli Vuorinen, Ru Kuwahata and Max Porter.

November 4, 2017. 8:00 PM. Total Running Time: 67:50
Automata Theater 504 Chung King Ct. Los Angeles, CA 90012
Curated by Alan Jennings